Open Gym

Open Gym is the plan we recommend for Members who know their way around the gym, are capable of creating solid challenging but realistic and attainable goals for themselves, know how to formulate a plan to achieve those goals, and have the work ethic and discipline to stay on task and stick to the plan. Open gym is the least expensive of all of our plans but requires the most time, planning, and preparation from a logistical standpoint for the Member. This membership option is best suited for advanced lifters. Although many members choose open gym, it is not the plan most people need to be on.

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Programming Client

Programmed client is the plan we recommend for the intermediate lifter. This Member possesses knowledge of most exercises and how to execute them properly. This Member knows how to correctly use most or all of the equipment in the gym. This member may have been training with weights for anywhere from a few months to several years and may just need some help on developing a plan to achieve some goals that may be or may have been unachievable on their own. An owner or a coach will sit down with you, listen to your goals, and create a program that will compliment your lifestyle, your schedule, and focus on building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses in order to help you reach your potential. It is not uncommon for Coaching clients to progress to programming clients over time.

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Coaching is the plan that we recommend for both novice lifters and for advanced/competitive athletes. We recommend this plan for novice lifters because it is the best way to learn all of the movements and to use all of the equipment that you will need to help you achieve your goals. Anytime you train there will be a Coach or a Personal Trainer there working with you 1 on 1 to ensure that you are performing the movements correctly and safely, analyzing your setup, your technique, and your execution of each exercise. Your Coach or Personal Trainer will be evaluating strengths and weaknesses and changing your programming on the go as you progress and your strengths and weaknesses change over time. We recommend Coaching for Advanced lifters or our competitive athletes in order for you to gain and maintain that competitive edge. Athletes will not have to spend a lot of time and energy analyzing the work they've performed or what they need to do going forward to continue to build success in moving towards their goals. It will be an advantage having another set of eyes on you, your training, and your programming. Your Coach will assist you in all aspects of training to include exercise selection and execution, programming, nutrition, work rest cycles, recovery options, off-season training, contest prep, and preparing for competition conditions.

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Reap What You Sow

At Lone Star Strength you will only get out what you put in. It's up to you to do the work regardless of the membership options you choose.

We are the only true hardcore strength training facility in Lubbock, Tx. We own some of the best equipment available today for both training and competing from brands like EliteFTS, DynaBody, Rogue, and Hammer Strength. We have the equipment that you need to train on in order to best prepare yourself for competition. If we don't have it we will get it and if we can't get it we'll build it.

We are home to some of the Strongest Men and Women not only in Lubbock but in the Nation. Our members range from Novice Lifters who are just beginning training with weights for the very first time to State, National, and All-Time World Record Holders. We have both competitive powerlifters and StrongMen/StrongWomen who are qualified for competition at both the National and World level in both Powerlifting and Strongman. If you can't get strong here, you can't get strong anywhere!